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Just mentioning the date February 14th stirs feelings of romance and brings visions of heart shaped candies, flowers and little red hearts & cupids.new ghds , Valentine’s Day, celebrated on February 14th is definitely associated with romance.uggs , In fact, it is a festival for celebrating love and romance.ugg 2011 , Much has been said about the birth of St.hoodia p57 , Valentine’s Day and certainly that discussion will go on.ugg oslo , Meanwhile, this tremendously popular day using its hearts, candy, flowers and jewellery offers many opportunities to raise funds for your particular cause. Valentine’s Day is great for a variety of fundraising activities. Valentine’s Day Fundraising in Schools Valentines Day fundraising can be very profitable for schools. The majority of us are familiar with the fundraising packets children buy from school every fall. They are an important source of funds for that schools. However, they are always completed in the initial few months of the school year. January and February produce an excellent strategic window to organize and hold a school fundraiser. Generally the sales campaign should be thirty days or less with delivery to purchasers at least three days before Valentines Day. There are many Valentine’s Day themed products to market including chocolates, greeting cards, roses, bud vases, crystal, jewelry and many other items. Contact local and online wholesalers well in advance, and where possible possess some inventory on hand before orders. One reliable source is the Fundraising Yellow Pages, is a great supply of info for anybody trying to organize a fundraising event. Valentine’s Day Fundraising Events Love day fundraising events range widely from parties and native galas to sponsored theme events, challenge events, entertainments, yard sales and even fashion shows. The possibilities for fundraising events are endless, and creative people are constantly devising new ideas. Some of the popular fundraising events are listed below: Family events - events or activities that families can undertake or attend together Think about a themed Valentine’s Day Social for families (guests will be honored and given a rose or other Valentine’s appropriate gift). Possess a Valentine’s Day Tea wherein women honor other women for their achievements (honorees given a rose, chocolates or any other Valentines Day gift). Host a Valentine’s Day Romantic Dinner and Dance for couples. There are many possibilities to make money with these types of Valentine’s Day fundraisers. Actually, most fundraisers would agree that a combination approach is best. The mixture includes: Sell tickets for admission (or get an organization to market them for any percentage of each ticket). Sell advertisements to businesses and folks for a souvenir brochure the attendees will take together. Have Valentine’s Day gift items available for sale before, during and after the event. These are just a few general ideas from the possibilities for Valentines Day fundraising. The key is to do your quest and start early. It is important that you have a reputable and reliable source for the Valentines themed products to be sold directly to customer or purchased for decorating tables, the banquet facility, etc. Don't take anything as a given and get as many questions as you need to inquire about. Take time to talk with organizational officers, church members. Local leaders, charity executives and fundraising consultants to get the assistance you need and you will have an effective event that could become the perfect major annual fundraiser.