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When you go to buy your bridal shoes, the best thing to do is to buy them along with your wedding dress.pen , Most boutiques and bridal stores have shoes along with dresses and gowns for the bride.london earrings , And most stores will suggest you the shoes that either match or complement the dress you choose.pens , Wherever you buy your shoes from, be sure that you consider your shoe along with your dress for each is complementary to the other.schoenen , And these three factors should be kept in mind for all occasion.mbt casual shoes ,


The most important factor to be kept in mind before you buy any shoe for any occasion is comfort. Wearing shoes that are uncomfortable and fidgety will ruin your day and event. So wear the pair in the store and roam around before you decide on it. If you are one who great with heels, it your luck. Just find shoes that are good in your feet. If you don't feel fine with heels, try to shop for fat heels or even square edged if heels are a necessity. If you think you can do without heels and have a great height, chuck the heel idea and settle for stylish flats.

Try to buy shoes that are exchangeable within a few days or weeks. Wear them every day at home and walk. Increase the walking and wearing period day by day. If you still feel uncomfortable in those shoes after a week, go return it and get a better pair in exchange.


The colour of your shoe should either match your dress colour r complement it. If you are wearing traditional white or ivory as your dress colours, try buying shoes of these colours as well. If shoes of different colour fit you and don't match, buy platinum or silver or matte gold to go with traditional bridal dresses.

If you are daring enough to go for bright colours like red and green and yellow, buy shoes of those colour and shine. If you don't get these colours, buy dyed shoes. Check your shoe colour or dye in the light your ceremony will be held in. Different colours and dyes seem different in various lights.

If you want to be safe and want to buy standard blacks, buy them nice and glossy.


Make sure your bridal shoes match the style of your bridal dress. Buying hot hep and flashy stilettos along with a ballerina wedding dress or wearing a classy platinum standard heel with a miniskirt dress can ruin your style sense and ceremony. So wear shoes that fit your dress style. One must do is to wear both together ?the dress and the shoe and ask a trustworthy friend to see if they go well with each other. If you can't buy your wedding shoes along with your wedding dress, buy a pair that can be exchanged soon. Go home and try it immediately with the dress. If it doesn't go well, get it exchanged. If it does, you found your perfect pair of bridal shoes.